Wine and WOO's are back!

In the months before my cancer diagnosis I was seeing clients, doing Wine and WOO’s and visiting my own local healers and psychics all the while I was asking my guides and angels WTF is wrong with me?
From my woo friends and healers NO ONE, not one person picked up- Cancer. From my guides and angels I could hear the word “prepare.”
The reading I most received on my own and from my friends was, “I was going to take a year off.”
I was already heading a call to move to #SalidaColorado I couldn’t imagine taking a whole year off after all I had barely taken 3 weeks off after a C-Section and a newborn.
The message of “Time OFF!” Was as loud as “move to Salida.”
The day I found out I had cancer I finally realized why I had to take a year off.
As I am finally on the other side and back at work, more because I want to be than because I had to be, I am noticing a new call.
A fun call.
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