Do Psychics Get it WRONG?

Uncategorized Apr 18, 2022
People often want to know HOW or WHERE the messages come from.
The truth is, I am merely a conductor of soft noise.
For most of my life I was as average as they get, I like most of us worked really hard to control the outcomes of the choices I was making. I often joked that my favorite yoga pose is “Tight Butt, Not Breathing.” Which I still seemingly fall back to when I am woefully uncomfortable or overwhelmed.
What I’ve learned over many years of personal development and becoming a psychic is that the only control I have is in the moment I am in.
And if I want alignment and good choices I need to sit and listen.
What the FUCK does that mean you might ask?
2 things.
1. Your intuition, your own little psychic network and higher self came here with a plan. And you are innately attracted to certain directions. Not everyone is going to be an artist any more than everyone will be an accountant. Your energy is set to your pre destined abilities and curiosities.
Society is always working to pull you off that course. But if you TRUST in yourself and this small quiet voice inside that is trying to inspire you and guide you, you will always be in alignment.
2. WHO and WHERE is this voice- where does it come from.
When you are asking for directions and you are finding yourself at a pivotal transition you have to be willing to wait and allow for the answer to come. Intuition is a little like dial up and not high speed internet.
Patience is the key. The voice, image, or feeling come from 3-5 directions.
1. YOU. Your higher self, your soul. You have an inner knowing so deep and true that when you listen you will always be in alignment. Often we ignore and go in the opposite direction of this truth.
2. Your Angels. Yup. You have a couple working to keep you on your souls path. They will move you physically and emotionally if you get too far off path.
3. Your Guides. They LOVE to YELL at the top of their lungs. But it’s like WHO-Ville quiet and hard to hear.
4-5. Ancestors, Loved Ones, or Aliens. Fuck there are so many channels trying to get you where you are meant to go!
When I am reading for other people this is the orchestra I am conducting. These are the channels I am tuning into and deriving info from. And when I need help, this where I turn to.
I am here to help you decipher these messages and get you into Alignment, get you directions and validation. I’m here to help you TRUST yourself.

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