Elephant Journal: Buddha is Bullsh#t compared to You!

elephant journal media Jan 26, 2020

Fifth grade. I was the new kid from Colorado, riding the bus home to the old farmhouse my parents had just bought us in rural Michigan.


The kids on the bus wanted to know all about the new girl, so they insisted on asking me probing questions like, “Do you believe in God?”, “Do you go to church?”, “Do you believe In Jesus?” Clearly there was a theme.


I responded easily, “No, we don’t go to church, and my mom said Jesus was a really great guy, but we don’t believe in God.”


To which the kids responded with the obvious taunt, “You’re going to hell.”


I got off the bus, tears stinging my eyes, shaking. Where was hell?! Was I really going to have to go there? 


I told my mom about my exchange on the bus, to which she replied in her thick, midwestern accent, “Honey, we aren’t going to hell. We’re Buddhist, and Buddhists believe in reincarnation. Buddha was here before Jesus, you know.” She paused, looked at me, then went into the other room and came back carrying two Enclopedia Brittanicas—B for Buddha and J for Jesus. 


The next day, she loaded me on the school bus with my history books and reminded me that we weren’t going to hell because we would be reincarnated and after all, Buddha was here before Jesus, you know!


I’m sure the kids on the school bus had an earful for their parents that night. 


I had never been to a Buddhist temple before that day and it wouldn’t be until my mid-twenties that I found myself in Thailand meeting monks and visiting Buddhist wahts. But the real shift came for me in my late thirties as I was faced with my own existential crisis.


I was psychic. 


As my abilities as a psychic medium accidentally spilled out on my wedding night, I realized I had to find people in the spiritual community to train me to speak to those on the other side in a more responsible, less under–the–influence–of–alcohol kind of way. 


What I found in my years of practicing and researching spirituality and intuition was the same thing I had discovered on the school bus years before: judgement. 


There was this dogmatic practice of meditating and chasing “Buddha, God, Universe” instead of focusing on living in the authentic moment and trusting in ourselves. 


From my adult vantage, Buddha was a dude who found it easier to escape and meditate in the woods far from real life than to confront problems and conflict head-on. He cheated by running away from the day–to–day issues of ego and found solace alone.


But the rest of us mere mortals are trying to keep up with the Kardashians or Buddha in the midst of real life chaos.


Originally Published November 27, 2018 on Elephant Journal


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