GOTCHA Psychic?

I’m not a Gotcha Psychic.
When I was first learning how to use this weird psychic ability I have, I went to see many LIVE psychic group readings. They were all mediums who were being lead by the dead people on the other side. The audiences loved ones pushed through and point energy to a place in the crowd and the psychic starts asking for validation on the loved one and who they belong to.
An audience member then is either handed a mic or asked to come to the stage as the psychic medium downloads the reading.
For me that was magic, and I was able to do it with the psychic from where I was sitting in the audience. I was following along and getting similar hits.
When I took to the stage I copied this method for a long time, I let my body be a full conduit and was moved and dragged and cold read the audience, but I found my own inner child and spirit hated this.
I was personally so scared the whole time. Not of the spirits, guides or angels, I was scared of getting it wrong. Terrified of giving the wrong message.
As I honed my abilities I started inviting people to put their name in a bowl, I asked them to come with questions or loved ones so I could direct my energy to what THEY wanted.
I quit trying to impress or validate my ability and started working to deliver real answers, real love and real needs to my audience members.
I always get permission to do a psychic reading when you put your name in the bowl or buy a VIP ticket for a reading.
I will never be psychic at a dinner party or grocery line, out on a bike ride or at book club. I only psychic when there is a clear agreement between me and my guests.
I am not here to prove I can do a thing, I’m here as a conduit and messenger, a middle woman for you and your guides angels and loved ones.

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