2022 Psychic Forecast

I don’t believe we’ve crossed some magical line that erases 2021 and starts 2022 . Rather I believe it takes some energetic time to move into the new space.

Hi, I’m Willow Bradner, Accidental Psychic here is how I see this new year playing out in numerology, astrology, and psychically.

After this last two years many of us have a new layer of PTSD, we’ve seen so much loss of life in family and friends, we’ve been placed on high alert for a virus mutating weekly it seems, kids have been in and out of school so routines are off, there have been cancers, divorces, mass shootings and now fires.

To say we have rose colored glasses on would suggest we have learned nothing. I don’t believe we were all sitting back popping champagne looking forward without having to look back and over our shoulder first.

While the energetics, astrological charts and vibes have 2022  looking more like a RomCom and less like the Liam Neeson thriller we just survived, there will still be bumps, like any year.

As we know the RomCom has a formula, a romantic beginning that gets our hopes up and then a mucky middle where the main character has to do some serious soul searching and reflection on their past behaviors, they have to get clear that they are willing to do some real self development and changes for the better to get their happy ending.

This year with the Chinese Tiger, our mascot, 2022 will usher in time for you to practice self love, honoring what you need, it’s all about independence, creating a life that fills you up.

That ask can be challenging in marriages and with kids. We have to sometimes shift with or without our people. But when we inspire the people around us by being pioneers and trudging towards that enlightened idea or experience, it gives them permission to go for their dreams too!

This year can be filled with love, inspiration and new ideas. It’s important to note what the years before have taught us is, “plan for NOTHING, and PREPARE for everything.” Take that note and imagine it through the eyes of creativity. What business can you create? What event do you want to host? Where do you want to travel? Who do you want to Makeout with? What adventures does your soul need to be inspired?

You are the Knight in shinning armor, the one you’ve been waiting for, and this year- you will realize, you have all the answers.

On a BONUS note here, The real new, New Year begins February 1st with the Tiger. So please, Don’t start judging the whole year on its first few days. Imagine you are walking through a car wash, wiping down the grime of last year- and preparing for the next.

If you would like a soul inspiring message for yourself this new year, schedule your Psychic Medium reading @ www.willowbradner.com


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