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Calling all Entrepreneurs, Yogi's, Healer's and Moms!

Throw the old, “I can do it all myself” paradigm right out the window!

Learn through Yoga and Intuition how you can lean into yourself and trust so deeply into what you are creating and what you are worth that you can actually surrender, let go and ask for help. 

Create a tribe of like minded women with whom you can call for back up and support. 

Are you done doing this thing all in your own?!?

STOP Feeling:

  • wiped

  • burnt out

  • frenzied

  • and in dire need of help.


Step into this new idea where you can lean in and on a tribe, ask for help, delegate tasks, give as well as recieve! 

Sunday September 23rd you get to break free of this old paradigm under the backdrop of Golden, Colorado.

You will:

ENERGIZE your soul.

INVIGORATE your creativity.

IGNITE your intuition.

TRUST in a new TRIBE

What the day looks like:

From 10am-1pm

With a TRIBE of likeminded women you will be nurtured and stretched to TRUST in yourself and those around you.

The first Hour and 15 minutes Sara Cook will lead you through a yoga series that will have you leaning in for support from the TRIBE and giving way to allow you to grow and truly understand your strength as you build your TRUST muscles.

Meet the TRIBE and enjoy yummy snacks and a break.

Then sit down with Willow Bradner, relaxing on your mat surrounded by your new tribe and enjoy a presentation on TRUST and your INTUITION followed by hands on TRIBE exercises.

All attendees will receive a bonus take home recorded Meditation to build your TRUST muscles, and a workbook from the presentation.

**** THIS is an event FOR WOMEN, by WOMEN.

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Capitalize on your Intuition

September 18th at 12!

Awaken your Inner Guru and let the Universe be your Business Coach when you Ignite your Intuition.

An online Intuitive Workshop for entrepreneurs and leaders alike.


When you activate your Intuition you become your own Guru, your own business coach, your own guide!

Intuition at its core is simply just learning to TRUST yourself and differentiate between the fearful voice of the Ego and the guiding voice of your own Spirit. 

When you have turned on your inner GPS you become the navigation tool for making MORE money, creating TIME and ENERGY that you can use to play and Create.

Best of all when you are operating from your intuition you are learning your true value and worth in the world. If you are ready to take your career to the next level then it is time for you to check your ego at the door and Ignite your intuition.

If you want:
• Trust yourself to make better Decisions.
• Read other people's energy and needs on the spot.
• Remove Overwhelm from your job and home life.
• Create more freedom and ease in your career and life.
• Grow your wealth.

Then this is a workshop you do not want to miss.
In this hour long workshop Willow Bradner, will be teaching you how to activate your intuition, quiet the clutter and noise in your head, help you differentiate between your intuition and your ego, and give you tools to get present and intuitive no matter the circumstances.

From Boardroom to Backyard to Bedroom your intuition will serve you in creating a life that will have you Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and in Love!

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