In this intimate speaking engagement Willow Bradner takes us on a journey into self discovery and empowerment.

"My life’s passion has become sharing this freedom with everyone who will listen, as I believe that when you come from a place of self-love and understanding, when you see your own inner beauty and realize you are everything you need to be, when you stop comparing yourself to everyone around you and instead live from the inside out, your world will begin to shift. I know that when we understand where our hurt lives and we learn to understand and forgive it the fears of the world will drop away, as will disease, poverty, and war. It is on all of us to discover the signature, intuitive voice inside of us that will guide us back into the light where we are all meant to live. And it will be my pleasure to guide you into self discovery and solidarity."  -Willow Bradner

Thursday, Sept. 15  • 7-9pm SOLD OUT
 Friday, Sept. 16 • 7-9pm SOLD OUT



3435 Wynkoop St
in the back of THE LOT

"I believe whole-heartedly that we all have the ability to become the leaders of our own lives through understanding ourselves, our intuition, and our true spirits."

-Willow Bradner

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Speaking Series with Willow Bradner

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