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Accidental Psychic Speaking Series and Workshops


Capitalize on your Intuition

The word success earns itself curiosity and acclaim. The truth is, the players who achieve greatness all have one thing in common. They TRUST themselves above all. There is a moment when they hear their intuition and follow it above any rationality.

Discover your Truth, Passion and Purpose

Willow inspires and activates every audience to explore deep inside of them their truth, she liberates the audience and offers the permission we all need to truly explore and celebrate in our everyday wins. She peels back the layers that have kept us playing small in our lives and shines a light on our complete and total awesome!


Go from Mind-FULL to Mindful!

Willow is completely relatable and hilarious when speaking about meditation and mindfulness practices.

Her powerful delivery and real life tools work with everyone. She doesn't believe in one system to finding a little om and quiet in your life, rather she offers options that work for real people on the go. She recognizes how challenging it can be to go 90 miles an hour in life to palms up pillow top. So she teaches according to the need and ability of her audience.

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