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October 3, 2018


✨💫 Yeah, I am a psychic. 

I do individual psychic readings and big group readings as well. 

I don’t promote this because psychic feels like an easy, “Yes” for people! 

Who doesn’t like to get a little validation and direction for their life or talk to their loved ones in the other side? 


In a reading I can tell you, your potential paths. I can tell you the changes that you can make to get what you want! I can talk until I am blue in the face....


But the potential path, the truth of what you are capable of can create paralysis, fear, self doubt- even if that’s what you really, really want.... you might not just go for it.... 

That is what I promote. 

The Shifts. The up-level. The small changes that make a huge impact on your life! 

✨Dissolving Self Doubt and replacing it with Intuition. 
✨Simmering down Fear with Truth and Love. 


Do you want to start that business? Write the book? Speak on a stage? Quit your job for something better? Fall in Love? Find Freedom? 


When you decide to say, “YES” to wanting MORE, to UP-Leveling your life and breaking free of the Patterns that bind you, I am all in too!! 

That is why I created RISE unlimited. 


💜Because I believe in you!! 

💜I believe that you are worthy of greatness!

💜I believe you really can have it all! 


✨👉🏻👉🏻I know you are capable because I can see the future you when you have said “YES!” To your life and to the small changes that have to happen to get you where you want to go! 


✨💫Will you say, “YES” this year for yourself and join RISE unlimited so you can break up with Self Doubt, Fear and Comparison and Manifest the life of your dreams? 


✨👉🏻Learn more at

Photo Cred: Lee Stiffler-Meyer

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