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Your FEAR is NOT yours...

September 12, 2018


Yesterday I did a medium reading. 


The client asked towards the end how to handle her FEARS that kept coming up. 

The response I received woke me. 


And it woke me again at 3am this morning in a dream. 


I told my client- the same as I will tell you now. 

The voice from the other side explained, “The fear you are experiencing is not yours....

It is the fear left over from the women that came before you.”


Ancestrally speaking, the women of this current generation ages 34-52ish are the first ones to experience true freedom. 


✨Can you imagine that the fear you experience is actually an echo from those who came before us?!!


While our mothers had the opportunity to work and vote, their mothers were the first generation to get to vote, and before that we were not much more than second class baby making citizens. 

The Women in our history that challenged the systems or chose to be free or independent were often tarred and feather, burned at the stake, killed or outcast from the community. 

That fear. The fear of being forsaken. The fear of being abused. The fear of being murdered for being different.


Is in our blood. 

👉🏻This same idea and principal can be applied to the Jewish community, the black community, the LGBTQ community... and naturally any community that has suffered. This includes white men for the wars they fought in the name of freedom- and the lives they took.... that created a sense of defense...

💫Our history is in our souls memory. 


The fear we feel does not belong to us, but to the people who came before us. 

It belongs to the change makers, and to those who sacrificed so that we could become everything that we wanted. 


When you encounter your fear- examine it. Ask it who it belongs to. Thank it for guiding the women before you. 


Simply allow it to waft away. 


No one is out to kill us today. No one wants to put us away or stop us from creating a life made of dreams. 


In the name of our mothers, their mothers and the mothers before them. 

We must persevere as they sacrificed so much to get us here. 


💜👉🏻👉🏿👉🏻 It is time for us to RISE unlimited 

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