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Move Meditate Mantra

April 15, 2017

The definition of what happens when we start living from our thinking ego brain vs our spirit.

"When the external begins to define the internal, Willow, instead of the internal defining the external, one begins living as a mortal rather than as a god.

Trust me, as a god is better.

The Universe"


How do we unwind and get back to the internal spirit?!?

Move. Meditate. Mantra.

Movement gets us back in our body. Do some push ups and planks, go for a jog, dance! Do something that gets your heart rate up. Movement like this immediately takes you out of your controlling thinking brain and puts you in your body. 


Meditate after movement. Especially if you are on high alert heavy thinking, fixing or avoiding. Time is always yours for the taking, it's the controller that says you are too busy to fit you in. It's not real. Carve time to meditate.
Meditation after movement allows for your mind to be quiet, put on a guided meditation or Lovely classical or spa sounds and allow your mind some time off. If it wanders in a creative way allow it. If it goes into solution or worry mode remind your ego it has 5 minutes off today!  

Mantra. Pick a word or sentence that defines what you want, what you need or what you are after. And make that sentence or word part of your breath. I use mantras while I drive. It allows my brain time off and injects new belief into my spirit. It reminds me what I am working towards.

I choose things like, "I am Enough." "I am Love." "I am Safe to expand."
Or I borrow mantras like this from the "Big Leap"
"I am expanding my abundance, success and love as I inspire others to do the same." 

Find the message you need to keep you focused and on your path. When you are aligned with spirit, worry, comparison, time, avoidance, control, anxiety.... they melt away. A new insurgence of confidence and clarity emerge with a clear path designed uniquely for you.

Now that's the stuff of the Universe! 

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