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What do Failure and Success have in Common?

April 4, 2017




My husband and I were teaching my daughter Zoe how to ride a bike this morning I was struck with how the fear of Failure trips us up. As much as the fear of Success. 


As Zoe began she was so afraid of falling she barely wanted to pedal, and once she was cool with falling and realized it wasn't going to hurt because she could let the bike fall and her legs would hold her up she began to allow herself the ease of riding the bike enough that Aaron was able to let go. 


The instant she saw the success in the moment and realized she was doing it, she let the bike fall and walked away. 


What do failure and success have in common?

Trust. Or a lack there of.


You see, in order to fail forward we have to trust and believe that we will be ok, that we would never do anything to hurt ourselves not really. And to succeed it's a trust in our worth, trust in the belief that you can feel that good and that you are allowed to soar! 


Watching failure and success play out on a playground reminds me of my fears, and how important it is for me to lean in and trust that I am worthy, and to fail forward in trust that I am strong enough to catch my fall.


Trust in yourself, you might fail, but you can win when you learn from the fail, and trust my love that you are worthy of every success and it is not because you worked really hard, it is because you tried at all! 


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Love, Willow


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