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Blossom and BLOOM

April 2, 2017




I am obsessed with my tree in the front of my house. And it's had me thinking about what it means to be rooted. This tree is so deeply rooted that it hasn't mattered that we have had such a dry winter because deep below there is still moisture enough for the tree to bloom! 


And BLOOM it has done. It's perhaps the most prolific blossom I have ever seen our tree do. 


All this means for us is the greater our foundation, the more we trust in ourselves and our surroundings the less affected we will be in a drought, or when the weather strikes us. 


When we are grounded, rooted and present in our lives we are not only in honest control of what's happening around us, but as well our intuition is on full time. It's able to act as a beacon and director for us. 


When we are rooted and grounded the elements can't blow us down. We are sovereign in our being, strong, filled with conviction and belief around our truth. We trust ourselves and the universe at large. 


When we are well rooted and grounded we BLOSSOM!!! Because anything is possible and we trust that we can do and have anything we want!!!! 


BLOSSOM my LOVES!!! BLOOM all over the place!!! Xoxox


Love, Willow

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