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How I went from a Garden Level Lifestyle to a truly Abundant Life.

January 24, 2017






Here is the secret to my success in manifesting. For those of you who know me, you know this icky first bit of the story is true. 

I used to think everyone was luckier than me. I thought they had won the “golden ticket” and me… 


I was the victim of my own making. I just did not believe that I was smart enough, pretty enough, special enough, or educated enough to go after the things I wanted. I thought these “lucky” people were just handed the rights to their awesome little lives. Meanwhile I sulked and made excuses as to why I lived in a crap apartment and why I couldn't afford a new car and why no one would ever love me, because I would never be good enough to get a guy who actually liked me. 


One day everything changed. I decided I was tired of this lame story. And I chose a new headline for my life, “I am so Lucky." This became my mantra for everything. "I am so Lucky!"

I then began visualizing the life I wanted. I worked on my self worth and value, I saw myself buying a home. I increased marketing and belief in my business and visualized its success; all while I mantra’d “I am so lucky.” With every success that I had, the more I believed in myself, the more I trusted in the possibilities. 


The more I trusted, the more I was able to give in to this idea of manifesting and receive the abundance that was coming my way.


In a very short time I moved out of my crappy garden level apartment, out of my last bad relationship, into my first home that I bought myself, into an amazing relationship with myself, a record breaking year in business, and then, I met my husband. 


The tipping point after buying my first home by myself was recognizing that I no longer had anything to lose but myself. And the only thing I could actually lose was me.


As long as I honored myself, my truth, passions and primary purpose the more alive I felt, because I was finally ME! The real me, the me that had been hiding and afraid of the not good enough syndrome.


Now no one could take that away from me unless I gave it away. When I met my now husband, I didn't have to compromise myself as I had done in every other relationship, because I had learned to love myself enough.


The secret to success in Manifesting is the art of honoring yourself. It is about putting words to your wants and desires. It is about understanding your worth and trusting in yourself. That is the real secret. As Wayne Dyer used to say, “You will see it, when you believe it” not the other way around. 


This Free Manifesting course is built to teach you how to believe, how to trust and how to break your proverbial glass ceiling of limitations. This is about you getting everything you want without limits. 


Sign up and Enroll today!


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