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A little on Psychic and Energetic Boundaries:

August 26, 2015


Often I get asked, “Is it scary being so in tune with the other side and those who have passed?” My answer is simple. 


No. It isn’t scary at all. 


If your deceased loved ones were regular people here, they’re regular peeps on the other side as well. I’m not talking to scary entities and zombies. I’m talking to Grandma and she is showing me the cookies she used to bake for you. That’s not scary at all! If anything, it’s sweet and endearing to learn about people from their late loved ones. 


What is considered scary is that with all the great energy out there, there are also low, sticky vibes too. We’ve all met them in real life: dark, negative types who only see the clouds and imagine the worst. Their glass is always half empty and the world will never go their way. I see these folks as having these little energetic bugs stuck to them. They attract low vibes. I personally vibe very high, I always have, and it’s very easy for me.

When I’m feeling low vibes, I take a salt bath and begin calling on Archangel Michael to help me release all the psychic chords that are not connected to my highest good. I ask for his assistance in clearing my energy field of all negative and yucky energy. It’s rare that a bug finds me and sticks to me, but I know it’s happened when I feel anxious or low. Sometimes I can see them. Sometimes it’s just a feeling.


To avoid that low-vibe bug, every morning you can put on your armor or protection—a body condom, if you will—of white, gold, or violet light. Yes, it feels make-believe, but it represents the intention that you set, that this is the universe’s protective light surrounding and protecting you. You can also use your own clothes, willing into them the intention that they are super high-vibe and ain’t no one gonna getcha in these clothes! 


I often ask Archangel Michael to surround and protect me. I ask Archangel Sandalphon to help keep me grounded. Together these two have my back when I forget that my clothes are armor or when a sticky vibe comes in and I don’t want it to attach.


I also notice that when a low-vibe person is around, I have much more empathy for them than usual. I see their burden, and if it’s not their choice to carry this load of stuck and yuck and they ask for me to help unload it, I will. I know their bugs might find a chink in my armor, but it doesn’t scare me. I can send those little bitches into the light with lots of love, while the person in front of me may not yet have the high-flying vibes to do so. 


You don’t have to be scared. You have to find the best way for you to create boundaries and protection. If you are a little low-vibe from time to time, load up on essential oils like rose oil and frankincense and put some rocks and sponges in your pockets and bra to help soak it up. I notice I often become a sponge for the sticky bugs around That Time of the Month. So I load up on protection and have lots of talks with my A-team upstairs—Michael and Sandalphon. 


Don’t let this stop you from working in this arena. Like with anything, you just need the right tools to work your magic well!


Share below your favorite protective measures and boundary-building lessons. Join the conversation and learn! 


XOXO, Willow





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