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Third Innermission

May 16, 2015


Too Busy to Meditate?
Meditate with your eyes OPEN! While driving, while sitting in a meeting, while playing with your child. All you need is 3 minutes. (Please feel free to take more!)

1. Quiet the mental chatter by focusing on the beauty around you, the vibrant colors, the sounds and smells. 

2. Breathe in through your nose and softly out through your mouth while focusing on the space around you, your childs eyes, your bosses voice, or the car in front of you. 

3. Create a breathing pattern that reminds you to breathe, but that feels in line with you and where you are in that moment.

4. Bring yourself into the present, and if you feel like you are straying, remind yourself to breathe. 

5. Enjoy yourself. 

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