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The Accidental Psychic is here to help YOU overcome your limiting beliefs, meet your spirit guides, and to fully live your life.

Business Medium



Willow helps you gain clarity by working with unseen universal forces in your life: your personal guides, angels, late loved ones, and ancestors.


Entrepreneurship Sessions

Tap into your intuition and your personal team of guides and angels to identify the challenges you are facing, re-focus with real accountability, and prepare for your career with tangible and realistic solutions.


Small Business Group Reading

Create cohesion in your team! Book a business reading for you and up to 4 colleagues. Gain intuitive knowledge of each other to gain a deeper understanding.

starting at $400

The Clarity


You have big dreams for your life. However, are you anxious just considering all the business and life solutions out there? Your intuition is your ultimate business coach and I am your ultimate Intuition Guide. Don’t become paralyzed with fear- join my Clarity Cure program.


"Intuition is the Gateway between Ego and Spirit"

Learn Intuition

Video Series

When you learn to ignite your intuition, you are engaging your own high-speed server to confident decision making and living in flow with what is best for you and your business and life.


Understanding How you receive intuition is step one. Differentiate between Ego and Intuition.



Let this 5 video series help distill down how you receive message, how you can use your intuition in everyday life and in business, from launching new cutting edge ideas, to managing partners and employees, to knowing who your spirit team is upstairs, and even understanding intuitively how to call in more money and abundance all by engaging your god-given gift of intuition.


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Or just Buy Now, because you know intuitively that you need it.





Invite up to 10 of your friends over for a psychic reading event with Willow. Full of humor, insight, and psychic connection, this is sure to be a a party to remember!



Let Willow come speak to your group about finding truth and success through mindfulness and intuition. Her gift for communicating with universal forces has allowed her to develop real-life tools for real people.