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Too Busy to Meditate?

5 Easy to use in life Meditations.

Even from your desk or in a meeting!

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We have all heard the studies, meditation is great for your heart, anxiety, autoimmune, busy mind, life…. and let’s face it, Meditation is the new Cool thing to do, and I know you want to join the club. BUT… Who has time to sit quietly with their eyes closed am I right! Here are some fool proof 3 minute eyes open applications for meditation along with the traditional version. I look forward to seeing you all driving to work with a talking mantra meditation instead of your middle finger and a horn!

  1. Waking Up!
    Ahh that alarm! Slow DownWe all have a million things to do, lunches, kids, drop offs. But you have 3 minutes. USE THEM. To keep in the present and to offer yourself a little TLC after your morning shower, before the running begins, take your daily lotion and apply to your feet. Spend a minute and a half on each foot. Rub the soul of your feet. Try to keep a clear mind and just allow yourself this time. IF you have a full length mirror I recommend doing this exercise in front of the mirror. Make eye contact with yourself while you gently, but firmly massage each foot. Not only are you actually activating your liver, lung and kidney function with this accidental reflexology, you are connecting with your roots. Your feet are what keep you firmly planted on the ground, give you the ability to walk, run and hike in nature, you use them to get you places all day everyday. When you massage and bring circulation to your feet you are drawing all of your energy into the present, and making eye contact with yourself helps you see you and remember who you are. This is VERY grounding and will help you in your day majorly. Do this for 30 days and your friends will begin to notice this new calm, kind personEven your husband will be like, what happened to my wife!?

  2. Driving
    Did you know you can meditate while driving? Now don’t close your eyes and go into lotus position. Instead keep your eyes on the road, notice the cars, colors, signs all around you. start naming what you see out loud. Don’t worry, everyone talks in their car now, so you wont look weird! After 3 minutes you will feel more grounded, that means, more present and less in your head. Now add an amazing Mantra, you can make your own as well, but here are examples:

    A.) “I am Love”
    B.) “I am Well”
    C.) “I am Blessed”
    D.) “I am going to kick ass at work today!”

    Remember to keep your eyes on the road, and do try to say the mantras out loud while continuing to notice your surroundings.

    (For some reason I always end up singing my mantra like a rock star… I do not know why, but it is hilarious!)

  3. Desk-Work-Meeting
    Breathe. In through your nose, out of your mouth. Keep your hands on your legs to bring extra energy and thought to your root chakra - which is your grounding chord, this keeps you present, and helps relieve you of anxiety and overthinking, getting caught up in what you do not have and all of the things you have to do today. Stay present. While you breathe in through the nose, and out through your mouth, begin to look around your space and silently admire, name all that is around you. i.e. Bertha’s amazing purple shirt with really white buttons, the 1980’s painting on the wall that is rocking low pixel count and pastels, the amazing black pleather chair you are sitting in, the sound of people talking and tapping on their computer, the glow of the lighting above and the dark blue, purple, red, and light blue bic pens that are in front of you….

    Take your time, name everything for 3 minutes while really getting in touch with the rhythm of your breath, in and out.

    *If you are in a meeting, keep note of your breath, and maybe keep it all in your nose. This will keep you grounded and present. In the meeting really listen and pay close attention to what everyone is saying, and wearing. (Try to remove judgement from this experience, which I know is tough, but this is about you and you know this is just another meeting about a meeting!) With a pen and paper, doodle your favorite doodle with it. You will hear what you need to really hear this way. When you find yourself Zoning, come back to your breath and noticing whats around you.

    If you find yourself stuck during this exercise with all that you feel you have to accomplish and the lack of hours in a single day, write yourself the good old fashion to do list. Then turn it upside down and begin again. Sometimes writing the noise in your head down buys you 3 minutes!

    Love that! You are taking care of you at work now!!


  4. Walking Meditation:
    Yes! This is one of my most favorite things to do! If you can escape for even 15 minutes you will notice such a shift! This is not so much about exercise as it is about grounding and clearing out all that stuck and yuck! Choose a favorite Mantra, keep it super positive and uplifting. If you have an ache use, “I am well, I am strong, I am healthy.” If you are wanting to clear your mind, “I am as I am.” If you are wanting to clear and ground, I recommend a little prayer before you head out, aka set an intention. “please help me to clear my energy of any stuck and yuck, please help to raise my vibration, please move me, ground me and help me stay present.” (I usually ask for help from my guides, and angels above or Archangel Michael -For more on that visit my home page!

    While walking simply feel free to zone out while keeping your mantra in mind, notice the sound your feet make as they hit the pavement, listen to the air and how it hits the trees around you, remember to breathe! Spend as much time as you can in this space. When you are done and heading back to life as you know it, give thanks for this glorious moment, for the fresh air, and the natural light, spend a minute looking at all the wonders of your life!  -If this exercise does not de-clutter and de-stress a little, call me! You might need a little energy tune up!

  5. Traditional Meditation:
    Please note, you do not need a pillow or a turban to do this. You may sit in a comfy chair with a back on it, you may lay down, (Though I always fall asleep this way!) There are many ways to meditate as you can see, there is not one way to do this. You may download a guided meditation. You may also just try to be still, and quiet in your own mind. I will give you a couple of my favs below, but before I do, I want to just say, No one is grading you. There are no blue ribbons in meditations. You can not do this wrong. Somedays are easier than others! Some days a 5 minute meditation can become an hour long, and others 5 minutes can feel like an hour! If you get a case of the itches, you know that itch on your nose… Itch it. If they continue, go for a walk-do yoga-cook… today is not a sitting day for you. This is the one area that you really have to leave self judgement out. I am sure Ghandi and Buddha struggled too from time to time.

    A.) The easiest for my busy mind, and perhaps yours- Guided Meditation. Today there a lot of Apps out there like Head Space that provide lovely guided meditations anywhere from 5 minutes to a whole hour! Find a comfy spot to sit, plant your feet firmly on the ground or sit cross legged. Blanket or no blanket.  Begin to breathe, in through the nose out from the mouth, focus on your breath And listen to a glorious meditation.

    B.) Silent but guided. I love a great Mantra as you know, so pick your favorite words to say in your mind, and then begin to breathe, eyes closed, breathe in through the nose and out from the mouth. Continue for 5minutes to an hour.

    C.) Silent. Breathing. Still. Sitting, focused only on your breath, clearing your mind of debris, sitting quietly for 5 minutes to an hour, eyes closed. This is the most traditional. It is amazing when you have days where your head and body allow for this serenity! You will get high and go far. You will likely recharge in ways you never knew existed! Enjoy!



I am not sponsored by, nor do I accept money or bribes from the following.
I just love these guided meditations:

Brian Weiss: From time into Healing

Rebecca Rosen: Anything she does is amazing!!!!

Sonia Choquette: Is the best if you want to learn to breathe!

Panache Desai: Best voice ever!


Have so much fun practicing meditation!

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