What RISE unlimited VIP package includes:


  • In this 10 week program, you will RISE unlimited and have the ultimate breakthrough! Break up with self doubt and limiting beliefs, while igniting your INTUITION and MANIFESTATION superpowers! We will launch this journey with a live online webinar and get you ready to RISE and awaken the spirit within you.

  • In each of the 5 stages you will receive 5 videos, 5 recordings and a Workbook. 1. You will dissolve your old stories to find the truth in your spirit's voice. 2. You will heal painful memories to integrate trust and love in your life again (or maybe for first time!). 3. You will learn HOW to make time and energy when you dissolve old patterns that overwhelm you.4. You will liberate your happiness and find the easy and fun button to life! 5. You will ditch the fear that keeps you rooted in scarcity to expand true Wealth in money and time. Value: $1000

  • The 5 Q&A webinars act like power sessions to help you to grasp the material and officially integrate the awakened breakthroughs for you and your peers in each of the 5 stages of RISE unlimited. Value: $500

  • For each Stage, you'll receive a pre-recorded meditation and yoga movement to use daily or anytime you need help in finding your true voice, trusting love, energizing personal power, liberating happiness and expanding the manifestation of wealth, both now, and for the rest of your awakened life.Value $750

  • 5 total - 90 minute private Psychic Reading Sessions with Willow. In five sessions, I'll not only help you see the stuck energy holding you back, and the illumination of your core glass ceiling, but I can help clear the energetic history so that you fully let go and release into your awakened spirit's voice, love, empowerment, creativity and wealth. $750

  • Enjoy some Peer Support with  2 scheduled in person workshops (Not Mandatory), you'll develop an intimate team of people that you can learn to share the truth of your voice with, integrate trust and love again, illuminate your empowered intuition, liberate your creativity and expand your wealth consciousness. Also through the RISE facebook page and emails you can stay in touch. Value: $300



  • RISE unlimited celebration ceremony is a ritual for you to officially feel the breakthrough and experience with your eyes and senses the rush of completion. Value: $200

  • 3 LIVE Follow up webinar meetups with me and other level 3 members. Value $300

Total Value: $3800.oo For only $1711.oo

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